"I just wanted to drop a little note stating how pleased I am with all the staff at your office. As all of you know I have a major fear of the dentist. The experiences I have had with staff at your office has been awesome. Your team is compassionate, empathetic, and friendly. It makes the experience a little less frightening! They even let my mother hold my hand during a dental procedure (I am a middle aged woman)! Believe me when I say that I tell all my friends that no dentist will touch me except Dr. Lombardo! Thank you so much for the welcoming environment and taking care of me."
L. Murphy

Dear Dr. Lombardo,
Thank you so much for your donation of $250.00 towards dental services at Lombardo Family Dentistry for our 2012 Mermoral Day Observance. The community raffle was a huge success, we raised a lot of money for a great cause. Words alone could not express our appreciation.
Thank You,
Joshua Tree Memorial Park