Oral Cancer Detection Using OralID

How Lombardo & Cho Dentistry Helps Detect Oral Cancer

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OralID™ Helps Us Detect Oral Cancer Early

Oral cancer is quickly becoming one of the most prevalent forms of cancer today. But surprisingly, it’s rarely talked about. The biggest problem with oral cancer is that many patients aren’t diagnosed until late in the game. We want to change that with the help of OralID™.

Some major risk factors for oral cancer are:

  • age 40 years or older
  • alcohol use
  • smoking
  • smokeless tobacco
  • previous oral cancer history

OralID™ Allows Us To Detect Cancer Early

Because your health is our highest concern and oral cancer is extremely dangerous, we’ve invested in an amazing new technology called Oral ID™. Oral ID™ can detect cancer in your mouth before Dr. Cho can see it with their own eyes. OralID™ uses a sophisticated fluorescence technology that highlights areas where there have been morphological changes in your cells. The OralID™ process is simple:

  • Dr. Cho will feel around the outside and inside of your mouth for lesions or growths.
  • Using the blue OralID™ light, he will shine the light around your mouth, searching for discolored spots or clumps.
  • He would then discuss anything concerning.

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Don’t misunderstand. If you don’t have any of the risk factors above, you’re still at risk. This is why Dr. Cho recommends checking for oral cancer with every patient. We’ve found that forty percent of oral cancers are actually found in people who don’t identify with any of these risk factors.

If you are concerned about oral cancer and the health of your mouth, please contact us by calling (760) 228-1733 or send us an email.

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